J’Accuse…! Logie Dress Bandit Captured

A couple months ago, we breathlessly announced the theft of Gamble’s Logies dress, the greatest scandal to hit Australia since Fever failed to reach #1 stateside. We’re pleased to announce that we can now give you at least a little resolution regarding this foul deed.

The Herald Sun (don’t even bother clicking this link you’ll just get paywalled) reports that an obsessive teen Housewives fan has been charged for the crime. Important takeaways from this article that you could probably read yourself, but you’d have to Google, and who has the energy for that, and also the article features a picture of Lisa Oldfield and no thank you:

  • “He came straight up to Janet (Roach), right in front of all of us (at a recent cast appearance in front of a giant handbag in Melbourne) and asked her for her dress.” Speaking as a writer, “at a recent cast appearance in front of a giant handbag” is clause goals.
  • “Le Kal said while he wanted to create desirable gowns, theft was going way too far.” Ah the delicate dance of capitalism.
  • A 31-year-old Manor Lakes man was arrested on October 26 along with a 17-year-old Werribee boy. You can’t just bury a potentially Freudian lede like this you guys.

I think I’ll go ahead and close this post the same way the Herald Sun closes its article, and let you know that the gown is still missing, and anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. Yes, really.

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