Yaaas Hunnies Shine It Up!!!

The Real Housewives of Melbourne Season 4 dropped last night (well, early this morning for us Western Hemispherers). While we wait for a torrent legal method of viewing it, we fortunately have something truly amazing to tide us over: an unexpected Housewives single release. Go sub-fold to encounter Jackie Gillies’s answer to “Formation.”

Behold (be…hear?) musical genius:

Being married to Australian rock royalty is clearly rubbing off on our dear Jakica.
I first listened to this immediately upon waking up this morning and was truly blown away. This is what I imagine it sounds like in the waiting room/jewelry showcase of unicorn heaven. Already plan on bumping it on repeat starting Friday at 5:01pm as I prepare to hit the town and #shineitup with muh gorlz. Truly a worthy addition to the Housewives musical canon.


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