Peggy Sulahian Reportedly Fired from RHOC

Good news to the many bloodthirsty fans waiting for the bodies to hit the floor after Orange County’s disastrous twelfth season: the cull has apparently begun.

In news that should come as a surprise to no one, Radar Online is claiming that Peggy Sulahian has been given her marching papers. The stated reason is that no one wants to work with her, but it’s probably also material that no one wants to watch her. Peggy’s abrasive personality and history of homophobia turned off viewers from the jump. If they’re looking for places to slice and dice the OC cast to improve the chemistry for next year, Peggy is the obvious place to start.

This isn’t set in stone — the gossip rags get it wrong sometimes, and Housewives do come back from the dead. Meghan King Edmonds was supposedly cut last year, only to be brought back early in the filming schedule to balance out the cast. But call it a hunch: I don’t think we’ll be seeing a resurrection this time around. Take it easy, Peggy — it was a pleasure to get to know your weird ass, however briefly, even if you’d probably ban me from your father’s funeral.

5 thoughts on “Peggy Sulahian Reportedly Fired from RHOC

  1. i’m sad about this but obviously not surprised. hopefully vicki summons her to a bunco night in a few years to tell people eddie fucked her brother.

  2. As far as one-and-done Housewives go, she’s not terrible. She probably wouldn’t even understand the phrase “one-and-done” but still, goodbye Peggy. I will put coal on my fire for you tonight.

  3. She was ok by the end but clearly not a good fit. One season is really fitting for her honestly I struggle to think what she would bring for a future season so a good call. Did you see that Heather Dubrow might be coming back?

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