The Real Housewives of Orange County – Reunion Pt. 2 Power Rankings

My head is still spinning. What did I just watch???

7. Peggy (-2): Continued her streak of blatant lies, delusion, and a complete lack of awareness of her extremely offputting personality. Nobody was willing to give her an inch (except for Lydia who has consistently taken the worst side all season), they openly mocked her, and she got put to bed early. Bye Peggy! It genuinely ended up being a pleasure meeting your weird ass but that’s enough of you.

6. Lydia (NC): Spent most of the reunion backing up people at their worst and being her general condescending self. I was trying to decide if she really deserves this spot or I’m just letting my hate cloud my vision, but she had nothing. You’ve called Shannon Beador crazy on air for the last time.

5. Kelly (-3): Her glowy edit wore off part two since it focused on some of her worst behavior from the beginning of the season. Still a solid recovery from Kelly considering her disastrous first season. I never thought I’d be saying this, but I look forward to see her next season.

4. Meghan (-1): I don’t really care about her and Kelly’s text saga. I do think she comes off hypocritical but she benefits from the fact that I don’t think anyone else gives a shit either! She had a nice baby segment and got to announce her new pregnancy. Those kids are going to have such a hard time faking sick to get out of school.

3. Shannon (-2): Didn’t have a ton to do in part two as most of her storylines were addressed last week. I was disappointed that she didn’t nail down Vicki more but, I guess I see why now since the truth to what she exposed about whatever went down between David and Shannon one night makes it all the more unforgivable. She correctly pointed out how Lydia obviously kept coming at her because she knew it would get a reaction. Overall another top tier season to add to Shannon’s roster.

2. Tamra (+5): Big bounce back from last week’s mess. This hour had Tamra at her best. Scathing punchlines and insults, charismatic emotional displays, and seemingly putting to bed the Eddie rumours. She also was a large part in the single oddest reunion display I’ve ever witnessed. More on that…

1. Vicki (+3): Vicki Victorious? What the fuck just happened before my eyes. I was all ready to bury Vicki down in the depths of this ranking when Andy was agreeing with Tamra about her latent homophobia with the Eddie rumours, but then she digs herself out of her half-buried grave to have the most insanely staged reconciliation and three-way hug I’ve ever seen. The firing rumours have been swirling for months now as this season has been universally panned. Did Vicki, Tamra and Shannon just secure their jobs next season? I’m not sure, and Taylor and I will definitely be discussing this at length for y’all soon but this image is powerful. Casting manipulation or not, Vicki’s back exactly where she has wanted to be for two seasons, invited there by Tamra herself.

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6 thoughts on “The Real Housewives of Orange County – Reunion Pt. 2 Power Rankings

  1. yeah, not to give too much away pre-roundtable but if you told me this season would end with tamra and vicki literally digging their friendship bracelets out of storage… i mean i don’t know what i would do. i would die. i would sooner accept my own death than predict a reconciliation but here we are. rip me.

  2. Iconic. Even more promising is that Tamra tweeted that her, Shannon and Vicki have been talking since the reunion. S13 could be cute.

  3. That ending was so fucking strange and iconic, made even better by some of Shannon’s incredibly uncomfortable faces. Shannon checked Lydia in that opening segment but still Lydia was was awful again tonight and I hope this is the last of her. I don’t find Peggy that bad when every woman is down her throat checking her besides Lydia lmfao but she’s a bad fit for the show and I don’t know why she agreed to film and use the C word and her dad’s death to justify everything. It’s annoying.

    1. Yeah I mean I think it’s pretty obvious that Diko pushed Peggy to be on the show (for realz though how did they even find her? she can’t possibly socialize with anyone from the cast legitimately) for their rims company, just like Terry wanted Heather on the show for exposure. Peggy is clearly insane and perceives the world in almost a Kelly Bensimon level of distortion, so I guess she figured real housewives would be her sisterhood? Lol. Earlier in the season I hated Peggy but her insanity grew on me!

  4. oh man that was amaaaazing. it was like three people who had fallen out after doing a murder together simultaneously realizing they were now permanently connected and had no choice but to stick together. i got chills. the image of the three of them holding hands and crying on the couch is about as powerful as real housewives screenshots get. i dunno if i’d go as far as to say it made the season worth it, but like… that moment would not have been the same if i hadn’t been convinced a week ago that one of vicki and tamra were going to be fired. wow. incredible. i’m speechless.

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