Meghan King Edmonds is Pregnant Again

Looks like more overtime for the staff at the candle store: Meghan King Edmonds announced today that she’s pregnant with baby number two. Though we generally like Meghan and are happy that she’s happy, we can’t help but be resentful that the new tyke will further distract from her calling in life: outing con men on television.

5 thoughts on “Meghan King Edmonds is Pregnant Again

  1. Ugh, I like Meghan too but since Season 11 it’s been “baby this, baby that”. Her newborns are robbing me of GOOD TV as they siphon Meghan away from being a good Real Housewife. What makes matters worse is that she is seemingly already apart of S13, since Andy and Jim are good friends (secret lovers).

    1. yeah i uh do not think we will need to worry about dealing with baby king edmonds the second in season 12. it felt catty to say as much in a birth announcement, but surely meghan is toast.

  2. Supposedly, the S13 cast line-up is:
    Tamra, Shannon, Meghan, Kelly, 2 other wives

    I don’t really buy it, since I doubt they’d cut Vicki, but it’s possible? I’m only alright with Meghan coming back as a Friend Of given her pregnancy.

    1. i read a piece from the surely reliable blog ‘celebrity insider’ (lol) that had meghan among the definite cuts and suggested the producers were scouting for up to five new wives. i’m going to wait until after the reunion before i decide what to believe, though given people’s bloodlust toward this cast i bet we don’t have long until the bodies start hitting the ground.

  3. I’m surprised at some of the comments certainty that Meghan is coming back because she had almost no content this season and was CLEARLY supposed to be a friend of before being upgraded at the last minute or something. I’m happy for her, but I hope for the sake of the show she doesn’t remain a housewife next season because the entire storyline will be here pregnancy and that’s just not very interesting. It’s cool if she remains a friend of though, I like her interactions with the other women.

    I predict only Shannon and Kelly are safely returning. I really think the other 5 could all be fired even Tamra/Vicki.

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