Say It Ain’t So: Janet Roach Quits Real Housewives of Melbourne (Update)

Notify eeeeeverybody in Melbourne: Toorak gossip queen Janet Roach is calling time on her RHOMelbourne career.

In an interview with the Herald Sun (bet that paywalled the shit out of you, didn’t it?), Janet said that the impending fourth season of Melbourne would be her last. Her reason? She’s lost the love of the game. “While we’re filming I have a full time job, fifty hours a week,” Janet explained, presumably not referring to fucking for heroin. “I did my time, I’ve enjoyed it and loved it.”

But lest you think it’s an amicable exit, here’s a little something to wet your whistler for December 6.

“I heard what Gina and Lydia said about me (this series), and I absolutely hate their guts,” she said.

“I won’t speak to them, because I’ve seen things they’ve said about me behind me back. Yes, the grudges are real. The issues are real.”

“There’s definitely factions between us, we have the light side and the dark side, we call it that.

“I personally feel that the girls on the light side are myself, I’m self-made; Sally (Bloomfield) has a hotel; Jackie (Gillies) does readings and is married to an international rock star; Gamble (Breaux) is married to the most prominent Australian eye surgeon.

Now, the rest … Venus (Behbahani-Clark), Gina (Liano), Lydia (Schiavello) … I personally feel that I don’t think they should be housewives. I think they bring the brand down.

“It’s a big call, but it’s true. The things I’m saying are public record, it’s not sour grapes.

The gripes are real.”

Perhaps watching the season play out and enduring one last Alex Perry reunion will give our Botox rose some perspective, but it’s looking bleak, kids. Mourn Janet in the comments below.

Update (11/23/17):

Quit playing games with our heart, Janet.

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  1. If she does leave they could always get her bestie, Manuela Pless-Bennett to fill her shoes. I think they could have an entire season devoted to Gamble taking her down and it would make for some incredibly watchable viewing!

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