The Real Housewives of Orange County – Reunion Pt. 1 Power Rankings

The first hour of this season’s reunion the housewives tackle their solo material and many off-air personal developments.

7. Tamra: Oof. Not really any way for Tamra to come off well with this whole Sydney debacle. She copped to posting the picture of them at her graduation against her wishes and her only defense was her impulsiveness. It’s a Tamra trait we know and love but it won’t come off well with the audience, let alone her own daughter. It might be hard to hide your heartbreak on your reality show, but you kind of made it your whole storyline so maybe don’t do that?

6. Lydia: Briefly went at it with Shannon for her retweet of someone calling her a homophobe but it didn’t land. Got utterly dunked on by Meghan. Just because your bridesmaid is a lesbian doesn’t mean you can’t be a homophobe, Lydia!! And even if you’re not – everyone still agreed you’re a wet blanket. Never say the word “balls” again.

5. Peggy: Addressed only to talk about her inability to comprehend English colloquialisms. She clarified that she does actually get them but doesn’t understand why Santa would bring her coal since that is used on barbecues.

4. Vicki: She slid by in this first hour of the reunion with only having to talk about her relationship with Steve (good job dodging the Brooks probe), her health, and Briana’s as well. She seemed a bit extra mellow so I think she popped another Xanax like during the post-Brooks reunion. Her apology after the Beador split news was broken was a great little way make it about her.

3. Meghan: Unsurprisingly, no segments about Meghan in part one. She still made the most of her airtime by calling out Lydia for being problematic about the drag queens and not letting her off the hook. Meghan is always at her best when she’s nailing someone down, and she was the only person to mix things up this week.

2. Kelly: Our first divorcee in the ranking. Kelly came off very well this first hour, talking about the complexities of her divorce and her new friendship with Shannon. She continues her renewal streak, as we truly do see a new side of Kelly.

1. Shannon: Give this season’s queen her crown. She even showed up 25lbs slimmer to run her victory lap. Shannon did everything right from the start: she owned up to being erratic and apologized for taking out her relationship angst on those around her, all the while garnering genuine sympathy. Lydia tried to get at her for that retweet but she had her bestie MKE waiting in the wings to swat her down. I’m excited to see her build on this momentum as the reunion hopefully starts tackling inter-wife conflicts.

8 thoughts on “The Real Housewives of Orange County – Reunion Pt. 1 Power Rankings

  1. The reunion was kind of boring minus Lydia getting destroyed and Shannon’s segment. Love how the “highlights” of the season in the montage were like 70% Shannon moments in a 7 housewife season.

    I actually thought Lydia couldn’t get worse but she did this reunion. I did not jet home from class to turn on the tv and watch the reunion live with commercials to see her chastise Shannon for not wanting to be friends with her because she called her “crazy” and “unstable” to her face. “SAID IT YOUR FACE :smirk” is something I never need to relive again. Loved Meghan giving it to her, but she deserved more like someone screaming at her. I know these women all have dignity but I wouldn’t have been able to take it if I was on the couch. Glad Shannon held it in though because it might’ve looked bad if she screamed at her.

    Was happy to see Peggy ignored. Her entire segment felt so out of place and it’s clear she has zero relations with any of the ladies aside from Lydia when they all cringed at her solo segments.

    1. Yeah I think maybe Lydia just went balls to the wall awful even seeing the reception to her this season? Guess it’s fine by the bible to be a bitch to a woman in crisis. This reunion only being two parts says a lot about how stale this season was. They hate lowering the reunion hours, like an admission of failure. This whole hour barely addressed any conflict so I guess they saved it all for part 2 since they only had an hour of footage anyway!

      1. lydia gets big smug at reunions, too. remember her flipping through the individual pages of her magazine while giving shit to heather? like so many things in life, the aggression that was so hilarious when pointed at dubrow seems misguided when directed at shannon. truly they are opposite poles of righteousness.

  2. I think as long as Tamra stays on the show, it’s not gonna be entertaining. Vicki or Tamra definitely need to go (it hurts me to say that), but Vicki still brings drama and a mess to the series, Tamra hasn’t really brought anything besides the status quo all season? Iceland was a hope of something better, but no she went right back to ignoring Vicki the second it was over.

    If Vicki, Shannon and Kelly remain the only returnees in a group of new blood next season, it could actually be the revival this series needs? I’m praying for it.

    1. it’s been a weak season for tamra, for sure, but i feel like she was cornered into it by circumstance. i also think a lot of what transpired around tamra and vicki got left on the cutting room floor this year for legal reasons so i can’t tell if what came out in the edit is a realistic depiction of tamra’s contributions to the season. i don’t think vicki/shannon can be on the same show anymore, though, more than vicki/tamra even.

      1. re: vicki/tamra getting left on the cutting room floor

        am i crazy or was there a scene of vicki SCREAMING about tamra in the mid-season trailer that never aired?

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