Highs and Lows: Candle Sticks and Lunatics – RHOC

The much maligned season 12 of the OC draws to a close. Did the finale send it off with any sparks? I think we all can agree the answer is no. Let’s break it down before we head into tonight’s reunion part one.


1. Linda. I’m ready for the Coto Insurance spinoff if Vicki gets the axe just so I can see Linda nagging her about headsets and Vicki ruining Michael’s life.

2. Party Peggy. I’m kind of here for Peggy storming into whatever event is going on and ruining it immediately with her insane attitude and terrible communication. This episode was a snooze but at least Peggy was willing to get one last jab in about this nothing Diko/David drama. Her weird smile, her constant lies. Peggy won me over in the end. I mean not enough to want to bring her back but she’s an unbelievable weirdo.

3. Shannon. If one housewife has earned her paycheque this season it has been Shannon Beador. She’s kept the meltdowns and drama flowing since episode one. Thank god we got one last Shannon overreaction (fuck you Lydia) to save this snooze of a party.

4. Vicki’s bad advice. I’m glad Kelly didn’t take the advice of twice-divorced Vicki about sticking it out with Michael. I did appreciate the ongoing streak of Vicki giving terrible relationship advice. Clearly she applies it to herself, too.

5. 70s party redux. I think the single cutest moment of this season had to be Kelly and Shannon recreating their legendary 70s party “IT WAS YOUUUU” “WHOOOO?” fight. Kelly won me over this season and I’m all for someone else getting along with Shannon Beador.

6. Simple, Midwestern Vicki. I died at Vicki walking into this candle launch party decked out in fur absolutely flabbergasted at how grandiose it was because she’s just a simple girl from Illinois while the waiters had to just clench their teeth and nod while they waited for her to grab a drink off their tray and walk away.


1. Status quo. Unfortunately this finale was more of the same that season 12 served us. The drama was almost completely lacking and everyone was acting the same as ever. Iceland gave us a little shining light in this season, but it couldn’t last.

2. Tamra and Vicki. I found it super unsatisfactory that after making up in Iceland Tamra is back to ignoring Vicki with barely any explanation. She’s mad Vicki didn’t apologize to Eddie and that she’s releasing more gossip to the tabloids, probably about that blowjob rumour with the dude from 98 degrees which tragically was probably too libelous to make it on air. After Iceland I was heartbroken to think any of the OC heavyhitters could get the cut, but now I’m pretty much certain it has to happen to change the tone of the franchise.

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