Queen for an Episode: The Real Housewives of Atlanta – S10E02


This week on RHOA, it’s NeNe out and Shamea in as Porsha reckons with the consequences of being Phaedra’s lieutenant. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

Who’s flying first class and who’s not flying at all?

6. NeNe: Not in the episode! Nice work, production. Let’s get a streak going.

5. Cynthia: Cynthia went on a date with a nice enough dude that derailed when she found out he was 29. Give him a chance, 50 Cynt. They don’t all need to come from the same haunted curio shop as Peter.

4. Kandi: Kandi was a supporting player this week, helping Shereé talk out her domestic abuse and dogging Porsha across the table at Shamea’s wedding shower. I remain spellbound by Kandi’s sheer disgust every time she and Porsha have to share a room. They could power a small country on her glares.

3. Shereé: We spent most of the episode following up on last season’s disturbing revelations about Bob’s abuse of Shereé (the Bitchy Witches #standwithsheree, obviously), but it wasn’t all bleak. We found out Shereé gets her life advice from a man named Jack Daniels (same), and got some excellent footage of Shereé cruising around in the background of the Porsha/Shamea fight, scavenging for bones.

2. Kenya: This stage of Kenya’s Housewives career resembles the final half hour of a Charlie Kaufman film, where the layers of surreality and meta-reference have stacked so high that it’s difficult to discern fiction from the truth. Did Kenya actually get married? Does her husband exist? Is the entire Kenya Moore character a piece of baroque performance art? It’s impossible to tell, but the scene of her parading around an empty house in her veil, absconding behind closed doors to sob in subtitles about her husband possibly leaving her two episodes into their marriage, was as strange and gripping a piece of solo footage as I’ve seen.

1. Porsha: I’ve been resistant to Porsha, but there was something charmingly wormy about her performance tonight. First of all, she’s transparently moved Lauren into her home to have someone to film with, which is hilarious. I thought her tagline was a cry for help but I didn’t realize it was a threat. Secondly, she’s decided to make a storyline out of becoming a vegan because she watched a health documentary with her mom, which is beyond misguided. She’s begging out of Shamea’s destination wedding with a specious medical condition, which is an Aviva-level PR disaster. And while she’s sampling previous Housewives’ playbooks, she’s employing the pioneering Vicki Gunvalson reconciliation strategy, “I tried to ruin your life but I apologized; why aren’t we magically good?” It’s a real pu pu platter of terrible ideas and I look forward to seeing her expand upon them.

Next week on The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Shereé comes into conflict with a party planner, historically a winning proposition.

3 thoughts on “Queen for an Episode: The Real Housewives of Atlanta – S10E02

  1. The episode felt a *little* dry but things could be worse *I sideline the way NJ is going* but it’s kinda evident to me why they brought on Eva and Kim Z during the season to join Atlanta’s menagerie of attempting peach holders.

    With my only Kenya Moore experience being an assorted amount of clips on youtube and then the Celeb Apprentice season she was on I was enthralled by her solo material this week. The tearful breakdown of getting divorced while running around in her wedding dress complaining about tabloids while *on* reality TV will never not be enchanting to me. she gives the people what they want and I wanted Moore-Daly.

    I actually feel like the idea of Lauren moving in was Lauren’s idea but I’m here for it more now. I think she’s a good person to film with Porsha because she’s smart and knows what she’s doing and the opposite of Porsha. I loved her flimsy medical excuse and then the Vicki Gunvalson comparisn is so apt including the forgiveness part but also having family to film with since certain members of the cast won’t film with her.

    Sheree and Kandi were good and I personally loved Sheree’s Kim Z style wig and her iconic mop talking head hair.

    Cynthia no comment but her scenes were dull as fuck and I feel bad saying that since she’s clearly a normal, nice person I’d love to have as a neighbor, not on this show though.

    Loved NeNe being gone. Even though this episode wasn’t really that interesting, it didn’t need any NeNe that’s for sure.

    1. kenya’s an interesting one. i used to have a lot less patience for her but i’m rewatching atlanta and enjoying her more. she definitely has a very distinct persona she puts on for the cameras, but has an equally distinct real personality that bleeds through from time to time, and the two characters have significant overlap with each other. hence my musings about truth and fiction: i can’t really tell if kenya’s latest outburst was more of her tv bullshit or just the symptoms of a histrionic personality. either way, i think she’s very intelligent, far more than is initially apparent, which muddies the waters even more.

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