Catching Up with Cheshire – S06E10


Cheshire puts its sixth series to bed with lots and lots and lots of moralizing. Oh, goody.

After a series spent mercifully on the sidelines, Seema returned just in time to smother the finale like a human fire blanket. At her best, Seema reads as a normal person who is far too boring for this show. At her worst, she can be agonizingly sanctimonious, and that side of her was on full display tonight. It is of limited interest to me to litigate who was wrong in the Ester/Nermina fight. Is it polite to throw a drink on someone? No. Do you have it coming if you’re screeching in their face about them fucking their way to the top? Yeah, probably. Either way, it’s all “glad it ain’t me” territory, and certainly doesn’t merit the excruciating talk of morals and the high road that Seema spewed all over Cheshire’s last hour. I won’t beg the producers to be rid of her, because I’ve played that old record before, but rest assured I’ll spend some extra time thumbing through my copy of The Secret tonight.

But any moral arbiter is only as good as the herd of baying townspeople who take up her cause, and Seema’s self-righteousness was infectious enough to claim Rachel. I’m not sure what got into Rachel this week; I suspect it was simply the case that she had reached the finale without staking out clear allegiances or engaging in a direct conflict, and Ester was the most opportune target. I find that lazy and boring, and hope that if Rachel returns for the next series she puts a bit more effort into her feuds than just coattailing everyone else.

Don’t worry about Ester, though. The Czech czarmer of Czeshire will be just fine. For all the hour’s wan attempts at glamour and conflict, my favourite moment of the series six finale came early on, as Ester took a walk in the park with her mother, the irreplaceable Zolenka. Through tears and inexplicable stirring music, she explained that she had been persecuted, yes, and beaten down, but that she would survive and thrive. You can buy all the cool sculpting and designer brands and flashy sunglasses you want, but you can’t put a price on that kind of delusion. God bless us, everyone.

It’s not over yet, though. Next week, the producers drag those dusty velvet monstrosity couches out of storage and plug Brian Dowling into his charger as the ‘Wives tackle the reunion. Lauren was curiously absent from the sofas in the preview; I’m hoping she hasn’t parted ways with the show, because a world where Seema outlives Lauren is too grim and unjust to contemplate. At least we have Leanne‘s attempted murder of Dawn to look forward to. See ya next week, BEECHES!

5 thoughts on “Catching Up with Cheshire – S06E10

  1. I’ve finally caught up on Cheshire, and wow! I realllly enjoyed this series. The combination of the Ester Experience + the slow unraveling of Dawn Ward’s empire has really allowed it to shine, at last. I’ll be seriously gutted if Lauren leaves right as she was returning to her old self. There are a few others who deliver more, obviously, but part of me still wants to call her my favorite Cheshire hw.

    1. i liked it alright! i never thought i’d say it but the virtual lack of solo footage was a mixed blessing. i felt like the first 2/3 of any episode were just people having repetitive conversations about the last third of the last episode. the airtime could have been distributed better. but there were plenty of fun confrontations and the core story of dawn vs. everyone was fairly tight.

      i agree that lauren shouldn’t go. it feels like she’s just getting back into her groove.

  2. Well, here we are. Season 6 is basically done and I can safely say it was pretty solid for Cheshire standards. The reunion will probably be a snooze but I’m always here for Leanne flying off the handle.

    Let me take the time to rate the wives out of 10 for their performance all season.

    Dawn 8/10
    Leanne 6/10
    Tanya 10/10
    Lauren 7/10
    Seema 0/10
    Stacy 0/10
    Ester 10/10
    Rachel 4/10
    Nermina 2/10

    I really wonder what this show would be like without Ester. I guess Dawn would just be an eternal punching bag?

    Overall this cast is definitely not great going forward. Only half the cast really functioned at an optimal level so I would hope SOMEONE gets cut (Ideally Seema). Before Ampika jumped ship I had heard they were going to do a 10 housewives season, which is ridiculous. If they don’t cut anyone please at least add great villain to the mix.

    1. it’s impossible to imagine this show without ester now, although cheshire improbably survived the departures of magali and ampika so anything is possible. they’d definitely need to find another true star, though. this is all hypothetical; they should hold on to ester as long as they can. you can’t let a gem like that escape so easily.

      if i were in the casting chair, i’d get rid of seema, stacey, and nermina. i’m not 100% sold on rachel but i’m willing to give her a second series. if she doesn’t pick it up by then, fire her. leanne had a quiet season but her rivalry with dawn is part of the show’s foundation. i have faith she’ll turn in a better performance next year. i’d bring on at least one WOC to replace seema. cheshire is one of the few franchises that seems to have some sort of imperative around not being a total snowfield and it shouldn’t sacrifice that. bringing back magali would be an excellent idea.

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