Highs and Lows: The Real Vikings of Orange County – RHOC

Forgive the very late deployment of this recap as I’m dealing with a new puppy and barely have had time to watch 40 minutes of television this week. My puppy is pertinent to this blog also because I named her after a real housewife. Drop your guess as to who in the comments after you read through my thoughts on the final episode of RHOC’s trip to Iceland.


1. Peggy. Watching Lydia listen to Peggy’s crazy interpretation of the drunken night’s antics was hilarious. Read through my past H&Ls and you’ll know I’m no Lydia fan but she cut through Peggy’s twisted version of events immediately and knew what actually went down. I loooved her showing up to the Viking dinner to be the bigger person for Lydia’s sake and torpedoing it within 5 minutes. She has absolutely the worst social skills out of anyone in this cast which includes Kelly and Vicki so that’s saying something. Housewives love their receipts but going out of your way to record people (like Kelly accused Shannon of doing earlier) is super frowned upon. Kudos for inspiring a Meghan meltdown (babies never cry for 10 minutes, call CPS), a Shannon meltdown and having a drunk Tamra call Diko a “little bitch” (accurately) which cracked my shit up. I could literally spend a whole post dissecting all of Peggy’s odd behaviour from this episode. Drop a comment about your favourite Peggy-ism.

2. Viking apology dinner. I love when the ladies get drunk so everyone shooting back that liquor out of the Viking horns led to a drunk Tamra prodding for Vicki to apologize to Shannon in front of everyone. In the grand scheme of Vicki apologies it lies somewhere in the middle where she did actually apologize but it was insincere as she said she just wants to enjoy life. She also managed to weasel that apology out of Tamra she’s been angling for all season. Vicki is running circles around these women this year. Kelly’s apology to Peggy also spurred on the big fight so basically everyone needs to keep taking tips from Ramona and apologize compulsively for good tv.


3. Vicki: best ally ever. Peggy really didn’t bother watching a season or two before signing on. After repping Vicki hard all season she realized exactly what she will be repaid with: nothing. Vicki did the exact same thing to Kelly last year and perhaps that’s why Kelly has ingratiated with Shannon and Tamra so much more this season. There’s literally no reason to ever tie yourself to Vicki (other than a desperate need for airtime since you’ll be the only one filming with her all season) because she’s just going to ditch you when you need a loyal ally to defend you. Somehow she keeps finding naive, socially inept newbies to hoodwink into allegiance. That awkward car ride conversation where she said she’s a businesswoman and a mother and can’t get involved in fights that aren’t hers was top shelf entertainment.

4. Kelly’s redemption. I really enjoyed Kelly last season for what she contributed to the drama but I never actually enjoyed watching her. She was so messy it was painful and that drunken screech is hard to bear. She really has turned a corner this season though, with the exception of The Quiet Woman plate fiasco which was the last of messy Kelly we’ve seen. Glad she finally decided to deploy her years old anger management training and flee from Peggy. It’s never too late!

5. Vicki’s take. If they fire Vicki I want her to get a spinoff where she commentates on the happenings on RHOC just so I can see how she twists it in her delusional mind. I could not get enough of her debriefing with Briana where she a) told her Shannon and Tamra made her the casserole at 4 am (she got back at 2am btw thank you time stamps), and b) thought Tamra was emotional because of Vicki’s near death experience, not because of the tragic demise of their decade long friendship over Brooks. Briana was the ever-great voice of reason constantly shutting down Vicki’s delusions but we all know nothing will stop them.


1. Post Iceland blues. Iceland was such a whirlwind and finally perked up this stagnant OC season. It was such an abrupt return back to the OC and I found myself resenting the filler footage of the families reuniting and going about their boring routines. Oh good mashed potatoes with fairy dust. Is it so much to ask for all trips at all times?

2. Beador depression. At least we got another thoroughly depressing scene of the festering wound that is the Beador marriage. I feel like there is no way for Shannon to lose at the reunion with the news breaking about the divorce during filming. Shannon may have worn on people more this season with her at her most erratic, but the people have empathy for Shannon Beador. Know that.

3. Shannon’s doctor. Look Shannon, we can’t keep pussyfooting around this. Where the FUCK is Dr. Moon??? Who is this knockoff Asian doctor who has an actual medical degree? Holding a petition to bring back the real MD of the OC. Holistic health all the way.

5 thoughts on “Highs and Lows: The Real Vikings of Orange County – RHOC

  1. God, I would be SO down for a Vicki Gunvalson spin-off at Coto Insurance.

    totally agree about Kelly, too. She was brutal last year, but she’s found a sweet spot where she’s much easier to enjoy. Definitely secured her spot in the core of the cast, which is one of the few things I’m optimistic about for RHOC.

    1. I liked that episode a lot…. until they returned home then I was reminded why this season has been so drag and dull as a whole despite the fun vacation. I honestly thought that Peggy did that just to remain relevant on the show but then I actually think she’s just that out of place and miscast which makes the whole thing all the more lol. Her post show interviews about the whole experience have been miserable so I think it’s safe to say her feelings on the ladies are genuine.

      At least Shannon will be divorced next season and same with Kelly!

  2. Super fun episode. But the puppy’s name? I don’t know. I’m gonna guess Gamble.
    Tell me if I’m right!

      1. o wow, did lots of gambling today and watched a bunch of Melbourne reruns so yeah good guess

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