Highs and Lows: A Case of the Vicki’s – RHOC

Well, well, well folks. Looks like we just needed a trip out of the OC to get the party started on the RHOC. I can’t believe I’ve had to wait this long to write about this episode because it was fantastic start to finish. Let’s not waste another second for Vicki could possibly perish.


1. Vicki’s med-evac. You know a housewives episode is going to be jam-packed with action when they skip the intro and bust out those time stamps. We picked up right where we left off last week and it did not disappoint. I loved the variety of reactions from all the ladies to Vicki’s imminent death. Her being wheeled out on a stretcher covered in that robe might be the funniest thing I have seen all year.


2. Ladies with appetites. The eternal dinner scene where Kelly, Shannon, Tamra, and Meghan all just wanted to get some food and booze in before they headed off to the hospital was like a scene out of Seinfeld. Firstly, I want to call out Meghan for being endlessly consistent (and not just consistently boring). I respected her being completely nonplussed about Vicki being hospitalized just like last season (plus we got some great Glamis flashbacks out of it).

Kelly: “I’ll go to the hospital I just need to eat first.”

Meghan: “Why? Because you feel guilty?”

Kelly: “No, I’d want someone to be with me.”

Meghan: “Yeahyeahyeahyeahyeah.” 

Hard to quote the delivery of those “yeah”s but it was the best. The veterans knew Vicki wasn’t really dying so they prioritized dinner over her histrionics. Only a newbie falls for a Vicki health scam.


Cheers to good health…and Vicki getting better….god what a…what a shame.” You said it, Shannon.

3. Kelly vs. Peggy. What a fucking weird ass pair to go at it. Kelly was clearly drunk (she had that drunken screechy voice that’s a dead giveaway) from the get-go during the Vicki saga and an inexplicably perturbed Peggy was bossing her around. Loved them sniping back and forth at each other, especially when Kelly wanted her to wait to go to the hospital during dinner while she shoveled food in her mouth. I’ll be waiting for the Michael on Diko fight when Peggy finally sets him loose to protect her.

4. Vicki’s diagnosis. My only disappointment with this episode was not sending along a camera crew to the hospital so we could see the reaction on the staff’s faces when they realized nothing was wrong with Vicki. Her official diagnosis was “elevated blood pressure” which in layman’s terms means “fucking nothing.”

5. A casserole delivered. Ordering Vicki a casserole from the hotel’s restaurant was such hilarious genius. Delivering it with so much fanfare was just what Vicki needed and then she picked at it with her hands. Brilliant.


6. Tamra’s emotion. Tamra’s breakdown with Vicki over Brooks was the first spark we’ve really seen from Tamra this season. It felt real and it was just what I like to see out of Tamra (besides her destroying wives like Gretchen Rossi). Vicki was manipulating the shit out of a drunk and exhausted Tamra, for the record. It led to other great things though…

7. Shannon not having it. During Vicki and Tamra’s great embrace, Shannon’s fury over Vicki worming her way back in started boiling over. Her whispering out all sorts of vodka-fueled crazy while Meghan tried to calm her down was some amazing shit and you know it. All hail Queen Shannon. We don’t deserve her.


8. Iceland. I already mentioned the time stamps up above but I loved how necessary they are in Iceland because it was still light out at 11 pm when the ladies started eating their dinner. Fridrik is also one of my favourite trip hosts. He took Vicki and Kelly out to whoop it up and was a great presence during Vicki’s emergency. More Fridrik, less Fredrik, you hear me Bravo?



1. Peggy’s absurd overreactions. I don’t even think it’s fair to call this a low so much as a “what the fuck?” but I’ve committed to this format so I’m tossing it in here. Peggy is an extremely weird woman. She was the only person panicked during Vicki’s emergency because apparently she really didn’t watch the past seasons before joining the show. She was so over the top and then locked herself in her room the entire following day.

2. Lydia’s Lydianess. There are plenty of religious housewives and devout franchises but the overbearing Christianity of the OC really wears thin for me. Now, it is hilarious when Vicki compares herself to Jesus because it just encapsulates her delusion. Lydia is too sincere for it to be funny and when she started to pray for Vicki my eyes rolled back into my head. I also was not a fan of her attitude about the ladies eating. I will say kadooze to Lydia for the witty little ditty that gave us our episode title. “A case of the Vicki’s” is just perfect so I will not be hating Lydia in her entirety this week.

I think I could probably pick out at least 10 more minor moments to add to the highs, this episode was truly that good. Did I miss one of yours? How long do we think Vicki and Tamra’s reconciliation will last? Drop your thoughts in the comments below.

11 thoughts on “Highs and Lows: A Case of the Vicki’s – RHOC

  1. my personal favourite aesthetic touch of the episode is that all the afterhours shit suddenly switched to this grainy, dimly lit camcorder footage. really underlined that harmony korine quality that’s so pervasive in oc.

    i have never liked shannon more than when she was watching vicki’s manipulation of tamra play out (yes, this is 100% what it was) and just hissing murderous venom under her breath. FUCKING LIAR. FUCKING LIAR. FUCKING LIAR. this episode really bummed me out about the impending destruction of the vicki/tamra/shannon triangle. they’re all such stars at their best.

    my favourite drunk kellyism was WE’RE GOING IN SHIFTS.

    1. Before this trip I had accepted and was ready for the loss of one of the trifecta. Now it tears me up inside that we likely won’t keep them all. I’ll be devastated to lose any of them.

  2. That felt like the first truly good episode of the season so I’m glad I kept watching and I’ve been waiting for screencaps of Shannon’s whisper hissing to Meghan about being a true friend <3

    My opinion on Peggy at this point is she's just not a good fit for the show. She's heavily reliant on Diko (who probably encouraged her/forced her to be on the show in the first place) to an extent it makes me uncomfortable and still has no relationships with these women. I give her a reprieve at the start because she didn't know anyone but they've filmed for months now and I still feel like she's a random bystander trapped into holding an orange. She's just so…. unnecessary. Her histrionics this episode were strange. Part of me thinks she just wants to cling to Vicki because production told her to be friends with Vicki this season, but part of me also thinks that she was just clamoring for something to do on the trip lmfao.

    Lydia I'm totally over. Props for the episode title but everything she does I choose to view it in the worst light possible at this point and I fully admit to that. It wasn't mentioned about her gaslighting Shannon (again!) this episode with the whole "Tamra and Vicki are friends again how do you feel about that Shannon :smug" and pressing for any information on Shannon when she wasn't there. Just yuck, her vendetta against Shannon is so weird and dare I say, almost one sided at this point? Like will Shannon even feel worked up or come for Lydia at the reunion? I hope to god yes she will but I almost feel like she won't and Lydia will just be swept away. Her tweets post reunion seem to hint that she took a beating though and hopefully won't be back next season. I haven't compared talking heads or screentime but she's had to have been in the top 2 for most screentime with Shannon this season and that's just unacceptable.

    I loved Tamra's drunken meltdown and I 100% agree Vicki was manipulating her I mean duh. Loved how it was filmed on this grainy high school art house film project style of a filter for reasons unknown lmfao. Also loved Kelly reading Peggy to filth. I get why Peggy would be upset at Kelly and not participate the next day but I didn't even realize she was gone and I don't think anyone in the cast cared either which was almost upsetting to watch from a distance.

    I think Vicki is somehow getting public sympathy from the casuals again because of the vets choice to not go to the hospital so lol @ that. She has done some truly dreadful interviews on TMZ and other sites that make it hard for me to fully embrace Vicki but she's an amazing character. It's a shame that there's no way the Vicki/Tamra/Shannon triangle is ever going to fully work out because the rumors are just that harsh and I get it but It's just disappointing to see because the three of them are the stars of this show.

    I'm curious what Peggy does next week to get Meghan and Shannon to explode on her. Honestly wouldn't surprise me if it was last ditch attempts to cause drama to try and secure a spot next season but it's something and any time she gets annihilated I'll be here for it.

    1. I was choosing between Shannon whisper hissing “fucking liar” or the “good friend” for my screencap of that scene, but I settled on good friend because it was that next level of deranged (and drunk).

      Peggy is not a good fit for any show. I agree, I assume Diko pushed her to join to promote their wheel company. She doesn’t seem to enjoy the company of women much and I don’t think she knew what she was getting into because she has had no strategy besides sticking to Vicki like glue. I think all of her outbursts were genuine and she’s actually this weird. It’s not a weird that makes for good tv, sadly.

      Lydia’s endless screentime is one of the most baffling parts of this season for me. I’m not sure if the producers were really that hard up for footage or if they thought she would be more well received. I really liked Lydia in her original season but she was definitely a supporting player and not at the forefront like she is now. Even if I weren’t biased from her always gaslighting one of my favourites in the cast, I wouldn’t be into any of her solo footage. Shannon typically does well at reunions so I hope she crushes her.

      I’ve never been a fan of Kelly, I’m still not actually, but she really amused me this episode. I love the just messy enough level of Kelly we got, and antagonizing Peggy was such an odd choice but I support it.

      I haven’t read any discussion of the episode online but the fact that Vicki seems to be getting any support at all this season is mindblowing. Proof that people have short memory spans and will even forget a cancer scam. I saw a lot of random twitter people a few weeks ago who thought Tamra was in the wrong for everything. O_O It’s not like the show gives Vicki a subtle edit, they’ve been showcasing her compulsive narcissism all season so I don’t know how people get there. I still love her to death. She’s the purest, most terrible and toxic villain across all franchises IMO and I can’t get enough.

      1. rhoc twitter is, generally speaking, in the bag for vicki, in the same way a tmz comments section is in the bag for donald trump. it’s truly surreal watching people rabidly defend her. for sure the same phenomenon that led to the rise of bannon and milo and so on, although i’ll refrain from going on further lest i start to sound like andy cohen weighing in with his housewives degree every time donald takes a shit.

      2. It honestly reminds me of Trump era politics like you said and sort of like the BBUK winner phenoma of someone bashing someone who’s done shitty things repeatedly without nary a remorse and yet gets loved or sympathy from the audience/viewers because they think they are some sort of victim for pointing out said persons obvious flaws or shitty behaviour. So much of that can be scene around the world it’s not really a surprise people would so rabidly defend Vicki. Still it’s harrowing people actually think she’s in the right when she so clearly isn’t and there’s flashbacks showing it. I’d say in terms of reality tv more recently it reminds me of Jason from BBUK17’s win with constant castmate harping on him to the point the audience started to like him more as a consequence. Obviously I don’t think Jason’s a terrible person but we’ve seen this before in reality tv and it’s an interesting part of human psychology at this stage if that makes sense, lmfao.

  3. This really was a fantastic episode. Kelly vs Peggy was GREAT!! I loved the revolving door of housewives fighting their way into the shot of Vicki’s deathbed.

  4. Vickys boyfriend saying he would strap her dead body to the plane with a rope to get her home was quite the mental image.

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