The Essential Shereé Whitfield


Five episodes to watch while moving the debt around between your credit cards.

Welcome back to The Essential…, where I propose five episodes that embody the perfect madness of one special Housewife. Shereé is one of the most solid repertory players in the Housewives universe. She puts in the work, she’s that great mix of intentionally and unintentionally hilarious, she’ll snake pretty much anyone, and best of all, she’s genuinely, genuinely weird. If you want to see why Shereé was worth bringing back from the dead to enrich modern ATL, here’s five bones we collected just for you.

S01E01: “Welcome One, Welcome ATL”
It so happens that the series premiere of Atlanta, which introduces us to heavy hitters like NeNe and Kim (and, uh, others) is a fabulous thesis statement for Shereé. In the first of many delightful scumbag moves to come, Shereé invites NeNe to a party, only to conveniently omit her from the guest list. NeNe is removed from the event in a public spectacle while Shereé denies all knowledge or responsibility, though she will have photos of the incident developed and put in a photo album for later nostalgic reminiscence.

S01E06: “Dream a Little Nightmare”
Shereé has a bad habit of committing herself to lofty projects and then scrambling to cover her ass when they inevitably go down in flames (Château Shereé traversed a similar construction schedule to the Sagrada Familia). The most infamous of these side ventures is She by Shereé, her eponymous clothing line that met with one disaster after another — not because Shereé is a dilettante, mind you, but because [construction noises drown out the end of the sentence]. Don’t worry, though: Shereé has the pluck to spin even a fashion show without fashions into a success. A hero for the people.

S02E01: “New Attitude, Same ATL”
Shereé does delusion in such a delightful way that you’re always on her side, even when she’s being a complete nightmare to whatever poor soul is stuck dealing with her. In the season two premiere, the target falls upon the party planner who failed to line up a sycophantic poem and a helicopter arrival for Shereé’s narcissism independence party. “Who gon’ check me, boo?” might be the more iconic line, but you’ll find yourself reaching for Shereé’s episode ending coda, “whatever happened to… customer service?”, next time you’re waiting in line too long at H&M.

S03E10: “Auto-Tuned Up”
I want to pay some attention to Shereé’s solo storylines, which provide reliable comedy throughout RHOA’s third and fourth seasons. There’s her role in Dancing Stars of Atlanta, her brief dalliance with Dr. Tiy-E the fake love doctor, but my personal favourite is her star turn in the critically lauded Off-Off-Off-Off-Off-Off-Broadway play, Child Support Man. In “Auto-Tuned Up,” we meet Shereé the Thespian. The Drama Desk Awards may have overlooked this one, but we won’t.

S04E01: “Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained”
Shereé knows how to ring in a new season in style. In the third season premiere on this list, Shereé and NeNe indulge in a decadent shit show debate about appearance fees. NeNe purring about her wealth and Trump connections has aged badly. Shereé chasing NeNe out of the café harassing her about her rotten teeth and repoed car has not.



S02E02: “Kim-Tervention” / S02E03: “Unbeweavable”
Shereé gently shifts Kim’s wig.

S02E09: “Precious Pocketbook”
Shereé hosts her vaunted independence party, including the reveal of a supersized photorealistic portrait of herself.

S09E13: “If These Woods Could Talk”
Shereé earns the title of “The Bone Carrier,” the best non-Faye Resnick nickname in the canon.

S09E20: “Chateau She Did That”
In her lone triumph in ten years of RHOA, Shereé opens the doors to Château Shereé. Finished basement timeline TBA.

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  1. no mention of Bitchy Witches banner moment Shereé vs. Marlo!? her fights are all so god-tier though that i guess it makes sense one of them wouldn’t make the cut. another one i liked was i THINK s08e01, primarily because watching Kenya and Sheree collide for the first time was magical the same way it is watching your favorite Survivors from different seasons interact as returnees. great list, though! i should have known this was your next The Essential.

    1. oh noooo! i FORGOT sheree vs marlo entirely. i’m so embarrassed. even before i was into housewives, i used to watch that clip of them chittering to each other in their moon language on repeat.

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