Catching Up with Cheshire – S06E08


This week was not my favourite episode of Cheshire — like I said in last week’s recap, Cheshire episodes live or die by their final fifteen minutes, and these were a bit piecemeal. Still, I appreciated the square dance of partners handing each other off to variously squash or perpetuate their feuds. Here’s a quick look back at episode eight.

  • One of the better plot threads this week was Ester‘s choice to buy very expensive earrings for Seema (newly returned from a three-episode absence we definitely all noticed and cared about) as a peace offering to end their early series cold war. If you remembered they were fighting, you’re a more dutiful viewer than I. Ester has since cycled through two or three other feuds, all more interesting, while Seema has been very out of sight, out of mind while she’s been gone. Ester settled on a cheaper pair that, per Lauren, looked like they came for free from a Christmas cracker — not that that stopped Lauren from putting them in her ears and parading around the party. This is a very vintage Lauren move, born of the same trait that made her hurl clumps of cake across Ampika‘s floor in the season two finale: complete fucking childishness.
  • Seema’s surprise party, in general, was an all-purpose storyline clearance site. Lauren and Tanya sifted through their drama from Gibraltar. Leanne arrived with more of the family-and-kids christening-based drama that Dawn has made her bread and butter. It was a party to move pieces around: to tie up loose ends, and to set up the endgame. Only two episodes left. Is there any way this ends besides Warford Hall being burned down by furious villagers?
  • sadly, no appearance from fan favourite search string rachel lugo sister katie, though damned if I’m not gonna get that SEO anyway;
  • Nermina filmed the boring video for her boring song. Nermina generally has been a waste of a slot, tanking even the reliable entertainment of a bored rich person with no discernible talent making a music video. Next week sees her throwing a drink on Ester, though; fascinated to see how she gets there after eight episodes seemingly alternately disinterested and medicated;
  • speaking of whom, I appreciated the homoerotic quality of Ester’s footage this week: purchasing jewelry for a woman while rambling on to two others (including, I believe, a minor) about her sapphic curiosity, the lingerie-clad sleepover party, and of course, the liplock pictured above, apropos of absolutely nothing;
  • it was a real joy to return to the Creme de la Creme Ball, a Cheshire landmark (I debated spelling it Crème de la Crème but there is no way Dawn Ward knows what a diacritic is, let alone how to use one). In case you forgot, the Creme Ball was the subject of the first ever Cheshire feud, about whether the long-gone never forgotten Magali was trying to scam her way in the door for free. In Googling the Creme Ball, I discovered that the Wards sourced their invites this year from an ANTM2 photoshoot. Just when I thought Dawn couldn’t win any more real estate in my heart.

One thought on “Catching Up with Cheshire – S06E08

  1. Felt like a filler episode leading up to a ‘bigger’ conflict. Still cute though, loved how Ester carried herself during the party in particular.

    FINALLY Nermina is going to snap in some way next episode, I have been saying all season on here she needed some justification for being on board and here it is. I’m ready.

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