Highs and Lows: An Unexpected Thaw – RHOC

Velkominn to Iceland! The ladies of RHOC have a penchant for going to some random ass places (remember Moorea?) so Iceland is a pretty on trend locale, granted years after it became a tourism hotspot in typical dated OC form. This ep tickled me immensely so let’s jump in.


1. That end sequence. I mean, let’s not waste any time getting to this. The ending sequence of Vicki dying was AMAZING. Like typical Vicki hypochondria and hystrionics, conveniently timed after a doctor visit that signaled a small chance of heart problems. The build up, the camera man running in behind the police, the tense music, all the housewives milling about in concern, the dramatic “to be continued” end screen. Everything about the editing was top notch and Vicki sure knows how to have a medical emergency. Now I wonder if anyone will visit her in hospital this time?

2. Tamra and Vicki. RHOC is honestly neck and neck with RHONY for me in top American franchises and most of that is probably because of Tamra and Vicki’s constantly fluctuating friendship. I’m not sure where the OC cast will go after this year but it was nice to see them getting along again, even if only briefly.


3. Newfoundland. The Canadian inferiority complex materializes often in an absurd pride in any mention of Canadian places, people, or cultural practices in media. We fucking love our stars and pointing out when things were filmed in Vancouver instead of Hollywood. I loved the quick Newfoundland mention Lydia brought us thanks to them eating puffins. Keep educating the world on Canada, Lyds.

4. Whoop it up. One of my favourite trip motifs is Vicki always demanding to whoop it up 300x on a trip and calling out the lame-os who aren’t into it. I find it super hilarious that they crashed some random high school reunion while they were out. Those poor Icelandic people having to process what a Vicki or Kelly is. Also enjoyed the (obvious) confirmation that Vicki has no idea how to pronounce “Reykjavikjavik.”

5. Vicki coaching Lydia. Oh my god, Vicki being the one to tell Lydia to apologize to Tamra for the menu throwing was amazing. Her delusions are so wild, giving the advice to her to “eat humble pie” and learn from the exact mistakes Vicki refuses to learn from herself. I know these highs are constant Vicki moments pretty much every episode but I never claimed to not be biased.



1. Lydia’s tantrum. Here’s the thing: I completely understand Lydia feeling left out being the only person not included in the group text, especially considering the history with Shannon’s dinner. That being said, I absolutely cannot staaaand the way she handles conflict. She loves getting an attitude going over perceived/legit slights (see also: the Shannon scuffle at Kelly’s tit party) then walking away saying “whatever it doesn’t matter, forget it” which is infuriating for everyone involved, myself included. I’m watching the housewives to see you tear each other apart over minor indiscretions. Discussing the ep with Taylor after watching he also pointed out that if Shannon had thrown that menu she would be raked over the coals for being hysterical. Like yeah tossing a plate is a bit more extreme (plus the screeching) but same shit really. High from this whole situation was Vicki managing to make it about her.


2. Motherhood. Sorry Megs, really don’t care about your baby or how life has changed. The fact that she was originally slated to be a friend of then upgraded becomes increasingly clear as the season goes on.

Only two lows this week and really they weren’t significant. Thank god for cast trips, their magic cannot be sullied even by this bad OC season voodoo.

3 thoughts on “Highs and Lows: An Unexpected Thaw – RHOC

  1. oh man the ending. the decision to omit a preview of next week, presumably because vicki is dead and we’ll find out that all of her social media activity has been the estate of vicki gunvalson keeping up appearances so as not to spoil the surprise, was GENIUS. they should forego this year’s reunion in favour of an extended montage of each other housewife individually delivering casseroles to vicki’s grave.

  2. I totally agree… i didnt think there was anything more annoying than lydia phelps-roper’s awkward faux-cutsey childish ice land trip announcement. But her hiding in the washroom after being excluded from the group text was just next level for me. Maybe im just biased ….i started hating her after seeing how she looked in drag.

    1. It’s funny because none of her mannerisms bothered me back in S8 but now when she starts awkwardly gesticulating and doing her weird shit I want to BEHEAD her. I don’t know if my memory is just fuzzy (I watched RHOC earlier this year) or if she took it up 1000 notches, but I don’t remember her being so over the top. What a difference a season can make.

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