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What could Jim Bellino be blogging about? Is he a mommy blogger now? A series on the value of trampoline parks? Bounce on over to find out.

Spoiler alert for a potential future ranking: Jim Bellino is one of my favourite slimy-ass house-husbands. He’s the perfect level of cartoonish villain (elevated by the contrast with Alexis’s bumbling idiocy) without delving into the painful-to-witness abusive husband side of things (e.g., Peter Thomas, Joe Giudice, Josh Taekmen, etc.) which is why I was ecstatic to stumble upon a blog he published.

What kind of content do we have coming to us from the desk of Jim Bellino? An itemized list addressing all the falsehoods that have been spread by him from a “certain source.” I consider myself a regular Nancy Drew (what up MKE PI?) so I checked the image URLs and can see that he is referring to a blog called Stoopid Housewives which has been set to private and I have obviously requested access to. Also there’s a confusing dateline at the top of the blog which makes it appear that it was published today, but the image URLs also show this came about circa 2015. Bitchy Witches always here with the breaking news!

Clearly Jim couldn’t afford lawyers (allegedly, don’t come at me Jimmy) to shut down the libel swirling around from some housewives blog so he set up his own to counter them. He offers to personally respond to every comment in the comment section that is conveniently missing. 🤔 Bless you for continuing to pay for this domain and keeping it online, Jim. We will all know the truth now.

It’s a short read so really you should hop on over and take a look. My personal highlight? Discovering that Jim’s degree is an Associate of Practical Theology from Christ For The Nations Institute for which Google suggests “cult” as an autocomplete when you search it. A quality education to base your successful career of [footage missing] upon.


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  1. my priorities in life are 1) god 2) jim bellino 3) my kids, so thank you for using our platform to clear the good name of a legitimate businessman and legitimate hero.

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