The Off-Brand Housewives of Palm Beach

It appears that we went to press too early with that Jill Zarin gossip post, because my fellow BWer Taylor stumbled upon a very important discovery that has somehow gone under the radar. It seems, according to the Miami Herald at least, that some mystery outfit is looking to create a Palm Beach-centric Housewives knockoff starring, you guessed it, one Jill Zarin.

It’s also (supposedly…) due to star Carole Crist, ex-wife to former Florida governor/somehow-current congressman/Jill acquaintance(!) Charlie Crist. (Looking forward to learning more about his visits to The Round-Up.) In fact the overall theme is apparently meant to be political, and even involve trips to Mar-a-Lago, because God knows what America needs in 2017 is more Donald Trump content.

Look for this series to debut any day now, on a major network, no doubt.

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