Ranked: The Top Five 2017 RHONY Gossip Items Most Likely to Have Been Planted by Jill Zarin

Alex may no longer be in Brooklyn, but there’s reason to believe Jill’s still in high school.

5. RHONY Season 10 Casting Tea! Find Out Who Got Demoted! (Good Tea, Oct. 6th)

“My source also tells me that Bravo is testing a few New York women for season 10 but if none of them are good enough then Sonja could get her apple back. Speaking of getting her apple back, Jill Zarin is not coming back next season. Apparently she was offered a part time role and she didn’t want it.”

Our senior analysts are as skeptical of Sonja’s rumored Friendofing as they are of Jill’s, but we’re preparing a Change.org petition just in case.

4. Bad Blood: Bethenny Refused To Film With Nemesis Jill On ‘RHONY’ (Radar, Mar. 8th)

“’She’s livid that Jill is trying to steal the spotlight,’ the insider added. ‘She had to go naked and make out with Sonja [Morgan] to get any attention.'”

This is a dodgy one, since it could as easily be a warning shot from La Frankel herself. Radar does seem to be Jill’s leak outlet of choice, though. See also:

3. ‘RHONY’ Casting Shocker! Bravo Sends Season 10 Contracts To Lucky Ladies (Radar, Sep. 26th)

“’They have all been invited back including Ramona Singer,’ an insider told Radar. ‘Ramona had no story line and Bravo had been auditioning new ladies to replace her.’”

Ah, yes, was Ramona even on this season? I certainly didn’t notice. 

2. Why ‘Housewives’ Episodes Could Be Slashed (Page Six, March 6th)

“Onetime fan favorite Jill Zarin — who taped just one episode for the season after five years away — is in the trailer, leading insiders to believe Bravo is testing the waters to see if she should be brought back.”

This is the same article that hilariously claimed that Season 9 was *too boring!* to last for a full run; wonder if that prophetic bit of info came from the same “fan favorite” person. On a similar note…

1. ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Doesn’t Want ‘Housewives’ (National Enquirer, Oct. 7th)

“Countess Luann is someone the show would take — but, after that, they’re not so interested in these ladies anymore. Bethenny Frankel has tried to get on the show several times, and even turned up to sit front-row on the set — but producers have always rejected her.”

Mmm, I think we all agree that Luann is far more popular and successful than Bethenny.


Coming soon: People passes along a rumor that Tinsley is, in fact, Jill in a Mission: Impossible mask.

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