We Told You This Show Is High Art.

Her Highness the Duchess of Medley recently let us all know via Instagram of a gallery show dedicated entirely to portraits of the Housewives by artist Laura Collins. Because fate is kind, it turns out that the show is being held through November at Brooklyn’s THNK1994—a truly amazing and popcult-reverent space that more importantly is merely blocks away from my apartment. As United States bureau chief for Bitchy Witches International, I couldn’t not undertake that five minute trek. Below ye olde folde, behold a mere sampling of the æsthetic marvels.

Almost immediately upon your entrance you’ll encounter Taylor’s greatest dream:


I of course bee-lined for the Ramona piece.


…which I may or may not have bought in greeting card form from the gift shop.


This was the centerpiece of the Richards Wall, a collection of paintings described by the gallery owners as symbolic of Kyle protecting Kim. We here at BDubs respectfully disagree with this assessment, but when you go to a gallery you hold your things to yourself.

Of the following, a fellow visitor murmured, “…even Kristen Taekman found a place…”


(I realize the shot is blurry, but that felt apt.)

More wonders awaited in the back of the gallery, most notably a QUOTE WALL which if I’m honest left me speechless:


And speaking of LeeAnne, these people fucking LOVE LeeAnne y’all:


This is accompanied by a diorama(!) arguing for her as the greatest Housewife of all time. I think I need to finally start Dallas now.

Hopefully this all has whetted your appetite enough to visit in person. If you’re in the New York area, go immediately. If not, fly here ASAP. I promise I’ll buy you a drink at the Regency.

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