Highs and Lows: Drag Bingo Bombshell – RHOC

Our first ladies of Orange County delivered a pretty entertaining episode this week. While it won’t be joining the league of iconic housewives episodes, we’re trending back towards RHOC’s solid output we’ve come to expect. Let’s dive into the particulars.


1) Meghan. I could not have been any happier about the return of MKE PI this episode after ragging on her uselessness all season. Meghan was stirring stuff up and nailing Vicki down which is Meghan at her best. Loved her ratting Kelly out to Shannon immediately after the recorded conversation accusation, although this only served to blow up on her later in the episode. But really, let’s just talk about her lunch with Vicki which was a thing of beauty. She was shutting down Vicki’s delusions brutally one after the other about 1) her not being a victim, 2) her definitely participating in a cancer scam for sympathy and attention and casseroles, 3) using the gay Eddie rumour to hurt Tamra, and 4) her faux-concern for Shannon re: David’s abuse just being an excuse to gossip. Exhilarating.


2) Vicki the victim. Her scene with Meghan was the only cast interaction we got this week, and boy did it deliver. Meghan called out all of her delusions and Vicki of course would not budge about being the victim in all of this, causing Meghan to just shudder out “but you’re noooooot” in frustration. We did get a bit of that screeching snarl she gets when she’s losing an argument and it was as magical as one could hope for. Vicki has really backed herself into a corner with this “David beats Shannon” thing, though. I do think there’s more truth to it than Shannon is letting on but there’s literally no way for Vicki to win. Even if she’s telling the complete truth, a) nobody believes her receipts (as Tamra and Shannon reminded us of her cancer scam receipt fabrication) and b) veracity still doesn’t justify gossiping about it to Kelly. Sign me up as extremely excited for her dragging out some random guy to backup the “Eddie is gay” rumour. Now this is the kind of shit we watch this show for. Tamra is going to flay her alive.

3) The return of Scott. I love a housewives psychic but the OC is pretty light on the mystics, what with their constantly stated devotion to baby Jesus. Scott was the first person to put it out there in no uncertain terms that Brooks was lying about his cancer. He didn’t have any massive revelations this week, just telling Kelly that she would have a falling out with Vicki which, well, predicting Kelly will nuke a relationship is like predicting tomorrow will end in “y”. Still, I appreciated Scott’s presence as a symbol of Tamra stepping back into the ring. She invited him purely with the intention of stirring some shit and I’m expecting more of this from Tamra to come.

4) Drag Bingo. Perhaps I’m just easily amused but the women dressing as men really was pretty funny, with Tamra and Shannon being the obvious stars due to their commitment. Having everyone dressed up for fights tends to make great gifs (see: the 80s Bunco party) so I truly appreciate the effort. As it turns out, Tamra didn’t need to invite Scott to get the drama flowing. The festering tension nobody cares existed between Kelly and Meghan finally blew and Kelly pulled her typical move of saying the meanest, pettiest thing she could muster when she was feeling attacked. It’s hard to get too excited about a Meghan/Kelly fight since I’m not invested in either of them as characters, but with this drama drought of a season it was appreciated.



1) The Sulahians. Once again Peggy is completely isolated from the rest of the cast, only filming with Diko and her kids. I know she went to NYC but surely they could have slapped her into some scene with someone else, or just omitted her for the week. When Peggy is tasked with solo footage they default to displays of their wealth and this episode was painfully egregious, starting off with Diko bringing up how Peggy can’t bring her $60,000 Birkin to New York as it will be stolen. If you’re going to play this game, Diko, you’re going to have to do it with a lot more panache to win me over. Peggy bought expensive things in New York when Diko told her not to! He has millions of dollars of cars (that they list individually with photos) so she’s allowed! 😴😴😴 I have the internet to look up expensive things I don’t want and can’t afford.

2) Lydia. Yikes. This was not a great Lydia episode, and I’ve been defending her presence all season. Drag certainly isn’t my jam either but I think it’s for very different reasons than Lydia. Not really sure how you can be so uncomfortable with some lighthearted cosplay unless there’s some homophobia rolled up in there. I guess drag shows can be pretty vulgar but Lydia came back this season as a Vicki ally so let’s not pretend you can’t handle some vulgarity. The traditional upbringing excuse seemed like a cop-out too since we all know Judy would be right in there fairy dusting all the drag queens. Even if we take any allegations of bigotry out of the mix, at the very least Lydia was being a big, Jesus-obsessed wet blanket and that’s enough to sour her in my eyes. And yeah, she really did look terrible as a dude.

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