Best of Instagram: Athena X

Oceanic franchises are very popular here at Bitchy Witches Headquarters and for good reason. If you haven’t treated yourself to Melbourne, Auckland, or Sydney then you will need to rectify this immediately. Sydney’s first season was the most recent offering from down under and it lived up to its predecessor’s legacy. Immediately upon the cast release the BWs hopped onto Instagram to suss out the new cast of characters and we became enamored with artistic enigma Athena X Levendi [Levendi Levendi Levendi]. Thankfully her Instagram feed wasn’t a fluke and it’s a pretty good little glimpse into her jatz crackers world. Why don’t we dive in?

I begin by showcasing her most recent Instagram video as it was my inspiration for writing up this post. Athena X (the X being from her maiden name Xenakis, natch) is an excellent artist and applies a very distinct aesthetic to her IG feed. She is a big fan of an upbeat oldie playing over video of her doing a variety of banal tasks, often cooking or driving. It’s hard to put into words exactly why this is so amusing but if you’re thinking that this woman is merely a whimsical ~creative~ goofball then, uh, watch Sydney already because she’s actually a petty rage monster created from the PTSD of her father’s abuse (shouts to Ramona) who is deeply deranged and aggressive.

You’ll likely also notice her eclectic fashion sense as you click through, which definitely was well documented on the show. Her infamous rope cape started the season off with a bang, but I’ll try not to spoil too much as it’s truly something to be experienced with fresh eyes. Overall she actually looks quite chic most of the time though, compared to most of the style-less, shiny cocktail dresses you get on most housewife franchises.

Athena X takes her spirituality very seriously. She’s some hybrid of Greek Orthodox and Buddhist but don’t you dare belittle her “namaste” or you will realize that meditation doesn’t cure rage blackouts!

Now we’ve hit Instagram creeping deep dive territory as we’ve scrolled back to before RHOS started airing. Athena X really fell in love with meme format at some point. All sorts of random and sometimes incomprehensible quotes written out over pictures of herself. Sadly someone must have advised her about how insane(ly entertaining) many of these were and she has taken them down. There are still a few up though, and they do still convey her general vibe of insanity.

This was merely a surface offering of Athena X’s fantastic Instagram feed. If you aren’t obsessed yet, then I implore you to go give the whole account a scroll through and then give Sydney a (re)watch. Gamble Breaux was right — these chicks are feral and Athena X, along with her bestie Lisa Locks, really brought it as the season villains.

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