Catching Up with Atlanta – S10E13

Buenas tardes, mis brujas! As Gerard mentioned, I’m currently pasando mis vacaciones en la Ciudad de México, so I’ve been very busy going and doing. But amongst it all, I’m happy to say I’ve found time to catch up with the peaches of Atlanta on a vacation of their own to Barcelona. As they say in both México and España, “más vale tarde que nunca.” Hop on a plane and join us.

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The Round-Up: Life Is But a Dream

Hey y’all! With our intrepid Gossip Townsperson Tay Tay off on a jaunt to CDMX, I decided I’d fill in for a quick update on the goings-on of our favorite anxiety-disorder-cluster sufferers in the pages of the rags! Dive sub-fold for some post-modern shit worthy of Borges.

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