The Round-Up: Sisters in Arms

Today’s Round-Up features sterling examples of the five basic conflicts of literature: woman vs. friend, woman vs. enemy, woman vs. frenemy, woman vs. husband, and woman vs. Kim Zolciak.

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The Case For: Angela Stone

“If you hold up a mirror, what do you see? Yourself.” — Angela Stone

We love to big-up unjustly maligned Housewives otherwise lost to history. Today, I rise in support of Angela Stone, the spectrum queen of Auckland. The public hated watching her. Her cast hated filming with her. But here at BWHQ, we were rapt. Hell, I love Ms. Stone enough to write up an entire post about her fat reduction infomercial. So buckle up, kids, because I’m gonna take you on a quick tour to Auckland (with routine stopovers in Christchurch) to convince you why you, too, should love THE face of New Zealand tourism.

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